Hey! I’m Rachel.

I am a mind-body wellness and transformation coach with a PhD in clinical health psychology, an  entrepreneur, speaker,  sometime professor, all the time mother and wife, fitness enthusiast, and forever Howard University alum.

After nearly a decade of being a doc of all trades (master of some), I decided to turn my mistress, Monday, into my passion by helping women who are ready to stop chasing work-life balance and live a more intentional, healthy, and values-aligned life.

Our Mission

Mind Over Monday is a wellness initiative dedicated to encouraging women, particularly women of color, to harness the power of a Monday mindset and mindfulness to live a more intentional, healthy, and values-aligned life through engaging content, educational and social events, workshops, coaching, and consultation services.

The Curriculum Vitae

(or how we got from clinician-practitioner to professor to entrepreneurship)

I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Howard University (The Mecca).  I matriculated immediately to graduate school at the University of Florida in the fall of 2005 and completed a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2012. It was a long process that included a one-year internship at the Miami VA Medical Center, and luckily for me, meeting and marrying the love of my life—the infamous John Glenn.  


After completing my program, I returned to the Miami VA for residency. At the end of that year, I learned I was pregnant. Please note that I am a planner. I had a multi-step plan laid out for my career, which included licensure, a dream job, and moving to Atlanta. I thought to myself when I read that at-home pregnancy test, God has a sense of humor. My husband was thrilled. I was less thrilled- mostly because I had plans that included kids but on a different timeline. Needless to say, pregnancy humbled me. I interviewed and got offers at a few places while pregnant, but by the end of nine months the idea of leaving our first daughter, Audrey, to take a full-time gig was less than appealing. I was blessed to have a choice, and I chose the stay-at-home mom life. As many of you know, it is not for the faint at heart.


Fast-forward 15 months, we landed in Atlanta. Within a few months, I started teaching psychology as an adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University and then fully transitioned back into the workforce as a Primary Care Mental Health Integration Psychologist at the Atlanta VA Medical Center in 2016. I was there for about two years before my husband’s career moved us and our now growing family to Lincoln, NE. It was a brutally cold year during which our second daughter, Charlotte, was born. I continued to teach online (before online teaching was trendy), and we moved back to Florida in 2019 for yet another career move on my husband’s part.


Since then, home has been Lakeland, FL (it’s not my hometown of Miami, but it’s growing on me). We purchased our first home and, finally feeling settled, I joined the faculty at a local liberal arts college as a visiting assistant professor.


Perfect timing, right? Yes and no. I share the full backstory of this experience in my inaugural blog post "Why Mind Over Monday?" But, let’s just say, if the 10 years since I completed my PhD has been a rollercoaster ride, this was the part of the ride where you're stuck for what feels like hours due to a mechanical malfunction. Not quite what you bargained for, kinda exciting, a little traumatic, but with a story to tell at the end. That end included taking a huge leap of faith and starting my business Mind Over Monday, LLC.


Core Values


We believe that the key to living an intentional, healthy life is aligning every aspect of your life with your core values. 


We believe you are worthy of having space in your life to live mindfully, to be present, and to be free of overwhelm and judgement.


We believe every woman deserves holistic well-being and the freedom to prioritize their mind, body, and soul. 


We believe women thrive best when they have safe spaces to learn and grow, to be supported, and to feel seen and understood.


We believe you have the power to create a life that is aligned with your core values rather than what the world says you should want, have, or need.

So, what is mind over Monday?


Mind Over Monday is a wellness initiative centered on mental health and the mind-body connection that helps women, particularly women of color, leverage the power of a Monday mindset and mindfulness to live a more intentional, healthy, and values-aligned life. The framework for achieving this goal lies in this idea that Mondays can be leveraged as a solution for women who want to stop chasing work-life balance in exchange for realigning their lives to their core values.


Personally, when I was able to start aligning my life to my core values, it was easy to chase being present rather than being perfect. It was in the letting go, that I was truly able to excel and feel like I was in alignment and operating in my God-given purpose. And it’s showing in every area of my life – my marriage, my relationship with my children, my friendships, my mental and physical health, and now my business. We are going beyond just loving Monday, and this will be reflected in the services, events, partnerships and community we are building. And while we do advocate for many forms of therapy, Mind Over Monday is not a psychological service. It is, however, a safe space and community to address a number of issues around mental health and well-being and will offer a suite of coaching services, as well as events (e.g.,  workshops and retreats) designed to help women live intentionally, healthily, and in alignment with their own values.  

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